varioMAT 3 OL AS

The varioMat 3 OL AS is the ideal product for all companies in the construction and infrastructure sector thanks to its quickly installed heavy-duty board (2 x 3 metres). varioMat 3 OL AS can be used on almost any substrate. This means that delicate surfaces are protected by the varioMat 3 OL AS. The varioMat 3 ensures optimum grip and the associated traction even on unstable substrates. The 2-metre wide format means that the board can be loaded onto any standard truck. This fully utilises the loading capacity. The combination of metal brackets and M16 screws creates a self-contained, heavy-duty work surface.

varioMAT 3 OL AS

Material: High molecular weight polyethylene

Dimensions: 2090 x 3060 mm

Usable Surface: 5,4 m2

Total thickness: 44,5 mm

Weight circa. : 238 kg


Top 5 mm profile

Underside Anti-slip fluting

Assembly options: 10 pcs. M16

Colour: black multi-coloured

Load bearing capacity (circa): 150t (depending on the substrate)

Transport capacity:

100st (540m2) LKW

40st (216m2) 20‘-Container

100st (540m2) 40‘-Container

Fields of application: